Shefflers Geode Mine

This mine has been in existence since the beginning of time. Their have been some truly awesome geodes dug here by rockhounds from all over the world. My first dig for the Keokuks was here (at the old mine) when I still had hair and I found a snowball geode that is still the best of its type I have ever found. A big gemmy white quartz geode with a three inch smoky snowball. Many of the geodes here have nice calcite secondaries with lots of pyrite.

The old mine is now full of water, and a new mine is started, just across the highway. I have yet to dig at the new mine but I will get at that as soon as I can find the time.

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The new mine with the Sheffler rock shop in the background. Sure looks like that small hole in the middle of this pic could be enlarged pretty easily and many geodes found.

The old mine. Lots of memories buried under that water.