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Keokuk whole geodes. These six unbroken geodes are very hollow quartz and most will have calcite and pyrite secondarys. The opened geode picture is a sample of what these whole geodes may look like inside. These geodes are very nice quality. The six geodes weigh a little over 4 pounds.

$22.00 Postage paid

Dewdrop Diamond. One in ten thousand? This geode came from the Alvis mine in St Francisville Missouri where the odds of finding a dewdrop are a little better. The 'diamonds' are a deep smoky color. 3 inches wide. Weighs 1.4 lbs.

$35.00 postage paid

These thundereggs are a mix from five different localities. Five are good cutters from Dugway, including two elongated eggs with good agate and a quad and double with big hollows. Two are excellent eggs from the blue bed of Richardsons Ranch and one pony butt egg from the same area. One egg comes from the potato patch of the Black Hills in southern California. These ten eggs fill a medium flat rate box and weight approximately fifteen pounds.

$50.00 postage paid

These whole thundereggs from the south blue bed at Richardsons Ranch are fantastic. They are all a good size and full of agate. All have been dug and high graded by the geode hunter. If you are looking for something fun to cut and polish, look no further. All have their caps and the eggs in the picture are the ones you get. These ten thundereggs (one double) fill a medium flat rate box. Approximately fifteen pounds.

$60.00 postage paid

These whole Keokuk geodes are very nice. All are hollow and can be cracked with a hammer. Although you might have a tube of glue handy if you are inexperienced. When cracking these for kids, I have found, on the ones I mess up, putting humpty dumpty back together again is a blast. Of course the best way to crack these is with a soil pipe cutter. This tool is easy to use and cheap to rent. Many of these will have calcite crystals and other secondary minerals. These 20 geodes fill a medium flat rate box and the geodes in the picture are the ones you get. Approximately fifteen pounds.

$60.00 postage paid

These whole geodes are a mix of Keokuks and Dugways. I have found that the very hollow dugways crack very nicely with a pipe cutter and compliment the Keokuk geodes with their pretty blue interiors. These geodes MUST be opened with a soil pipe cutter or saw. Do not use a hammer on a thunderegg, as the shells of the eggs are too brittle and will shatter. Most tool rental stores carry soil pipe cutters and they are easy to use. These eighteen geodes fill a medium flat rate box and are hollow and weigh approximately fifteen pounds. The geodes pictured are the ones you get.

$60.00 postage paid

Double terminated calcite crystals coating one half, Nice single calcite crystal on quartz in the other half of this double Keokuk geode. Double terminated calcites are not common in the Keokuks, making this nice geode very special. 6 inches wide and weighs 3 lbs

$45.00 Postage paid

These are whole thundereggs dug from the Priday beds of central Oregon. Three each from the blue bed, red bed and pony butte. Two chiseled from the moss bed and two from Friends Ranch dug in 2008. These won't all be great, but they have all been hand dug and high-graded by the geode hunter. These thirteen eggs fill a medium flat rate box and weigh approximately fifteen pounds.

$50.00 postage paid

a nice spalerite crystal guarded by a "fin" of botryodal blue chalcedony. The zink crystal has only micro damage, if any, from contacting the other half. A very nice display specimen from the Navoo Ill. area. 4 1/2 inches wide weighs 2 lbs.

$45.00 postage paid

Double terminated quartz fills this 'Blue Navoo' geode from Sheridan Creek in Ill. The quartz does not get any better than in this wonderful Keokuk geode. Several calcite crystals and some micro pyrite. 3 inches wide weighs 1 lb.

$30.00 postage paid

Capillary pyrite on pink and orange dolomite with a large calcite crystal all on gemmy quartz in this small geode. A super clean, four mineral, Crystal Glen Creek geode. 2 inches wide weighs 1/2 lb.

$15.00 postage paid

Six small cracked Keokuk geodes. 1. Two Blue barite clusters on quartz with kayolinite ingested calcite and micro pyrite. 2. Nice calcites on quartz. 3. Nice orange/pink Dolomite crystal on quartz. 4. Spalerite and blue barite on quartz. 5. Quartz sprinkled with pyrite squares. 6. Bigger than normal pyrite crystal with kaolinite on quartz. These tiny geodes wont take up much room in your collection but are packed with crystallized minerals from the Warsaw formation.

$45.00 postage paid

Selenite crystal clusters on yellow Quartz with dolomite sprinkled with pyrite. A nice Crystal Glen Creek geode with a hard to find mineral. 2 1/4 inches wide weighs 1/2 lb.

$20 postage paid

Large calcite crystal, sprinkled with pyrite, in a bed of smaller calcite on quartz. A vein of brown calcite in the rind adds to the nice colors in this sweet calcite Keokuk geode from the Alvis mine in Missouri. 3 inches wide weighs 1 lb.

$25.00 postage paid