Dugway Geodes

Mineral Inclusions

The dugways do have a few minerals that crystallize and the quartz is fantastic. The old geode hunters had a few nicknames for the different types of eggs. I liked the name "sugarbowl" for it rightly described what the druzy quartz lined geodes looked like. I especially like the deep purple/black druzy quartz. This is a rhyolite flow, not basalt, so even though there is a lot of purple and blue, I don't consider anything here as amethyst. These specimens pictured are eggs that were unintentionally broken on my dig in July of 2013.

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Clear and milky quartz crystal clusters on gray agate.

Bubbly chalcedony perched on matrix.

Black manganese ingested calcite scalenohedran (dogtooth) coated with druzy quartz.

Quartz cluster on purple agate.

Calcite crystal on blue druzy quartz.

Quartz clusters on the tips of druzy quartz coated manganese included dogtooth calcite.

Calcite on blue druzy quartz. This is what calcite usually looks like in a dugway. Not really that desirable.

Manganese saturated calcite twin coated by druzy quartz. If the quartz was not protecting this crystal it would be compromised to an ugly black blob.

White chalcedony coated by druzy quartz. A "sugarbowl."

Druzy quartz sprinkled over a smooth ball. Very universe looking.

Not everything is blue. This big geode half is all jasper. I dug up several basketball sized geodes but they were of poor quality and fell apart.

The rotten geodes can be quite striking. This geode has a "snowball" similar to the Keokuk geodes.

Pretty patchwork colors in this rotten geode.

This piece came from a large rotten geode. I don't know what this mineral is with its big clear square crystals.

I hit this Dugway geode with my pick and it made a small hole that I could see the "stalactite". When I got to Madris Oregon I had the folks at Richardsons Ranch cut (they don't have time to polish) it for me. This is one of my favorite eggs and I dug it on June 25 2013 in the pit of the Bughouse claim (after paying the fee of 30 dollars).